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I am Farah Al Humaidhi, a true interior design enthusiast, and an extremely lucky person to be doing what I love, as a career.

I gained my bachelor’s degree in interior design in 2004 and completed my MBA in 2009. I have been doing what I do for the last 16 years and I have done it in a very diversified way! I started my career with a design studio and then moved on to establishing a contracting company. In 2012, I founded my first trade mark, Pieces by Farah. Through PBF I design and sell functional & unique furniture and home accessories pieces.

In 2014, and after being 10 years in the design sphere, I presented my first interior design course which later on progressed into 5 distinct specialized courses and were coached across the GCC countries. In 2018 I turned digital and started offering my design courses online!

My work in the interior design industry is totally diverse, as I truly believe in creating many verticals in the career as long as they fall under a single umbrella.

Furthermore, I have founded and managed the largest exhibition in Kuwait focusing on the design element. Have also been instrumental in publishing many interior design publications from educational to children’s books.

I aim to create a proper Arabic content dedicated to Interior design for all the design enthusiasts, be it a devoted design lover or a practicing professional. I will assist you to gain the confidence you need for your interior design journey through my diverse/varied contents, TV programs, training courses and Publications.

I wish you a pleasant journey in my world!

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I have many ways to teach interior design For Free  

Through my blog or YouTube channel 


Be it a design professional, a new graduate or interior design lover, I can provide training & consultation at each stages of the project and overcome the challenges you face. These instructions would help in understanding your missions and steps. The consultation is provided to 2 categories as under:

House Designing Consultation / Special Project

If you have a new house / apartment /studio / new villa / new building or commercial project and you need a recommendation for furnishing in addition to the interior design services for the Project. Farah will guide you to the succeed, reserve your consultation through the phone or direct in Farah’s office.

This type of consultation can be scheduled in long term plan, where we set dates for following up on the paricular project, or it can be an hour consultation call

Project Management Consulting Company

Whether you have an established company and are working on expanding or if you’re fresh graduate and are stuck as to where to start???? Farah will guide you to attain it…Reserve your consultation through the mobile phone or contact direct to Farah’s office.

This type of consultation can be scheduled in long term plan, where we set dates for following up on the paricular project, or it can be an hour consultation call

Consultation Method

Live meeting at Farah’s office OR video conferencing.

Book your appointment Online wherever you are

An imperfect design would cost you much more while restoring them out , so my suggestion would be would be, be Educated ! Be Informed! in at each stage stage and how is your project starts and how it finishes.

Online design courses

Since the beginning of my journey in interior design, my target was to provide precise content and useful knowledge in the Arabic language about interior design. My courses are now available for everyone irrespective of time or place- coz they have gone digital. You can now learn the basics of the interior design from a secure source and again… from an industry expert with more than 16 years’ experience! You can learn interior finishing, color psychology and many other details through the introductory video to get a general idea about the educational content that I offer, in addition to the assignments that will help you once u join the courses. Moreover, don’t forget to ask for a certificate after finishing the videos. My courses are offered to everyone who’s interested in interior design; be it a student, interior designer, a layperson who wants to design his house or anyone who is passionate enough to develop his / her skills in the field.

Join the 15,000 subscribers that have got the benefit from my courses and learning the nuances of interior design.



Interior designing is not just about the application of project design. I was fortunate to watch & experience the beauty & exclusivity around the world and along with my understanding of the design world I was able to gather the exquisite as well as fascinating products from all over the world under a single brand as Farah home. Furthermore, I have also clubbed in my special collection previously known as Pieces by Farah, under the Farah Home brand as a Signature Collection.

Pieces by Farah, hit off in year 2010 & still is going strong, By Gods grace…Every piece was designed to be classy, functional & unique and the admirable thing being you will never find a similar piece to Pieces by Farah in any part of the world, because it was designed especially for you and for your needs. Ranging from Mubkhar, coffee pots, vases, perfumes to concrete piece .. and more home accessories that can be missed & matched as per your need .

Farah Home, product ranges from furniture, bedlinens, tableware’s to home decors & house accessories that’s brings out a heart-warming character to any the space.

Your home reflects your inner world.

MY Athath

Its never an easy task to furnish a house, especially if it’s from a scratch. starting from product & brand selection to visiting individual shops and comparing the style, color & prices, is a daunting task that one can live without. So to ease the your mission by saving time and efforts in your journey of looking out for suitable pieces for your house, I have tried to bring suppliers who are distinguished by their qualities under a single place “My Athath”. Its an ecommerce platform providing home furnishing products from both the local & international market within a click of a button, that will promptly help in procuring the specific item you were looking for. Wish to renovate, look no further….

The Healthy Home

Health has always been one of the key priorities of my life. I was earlier overly anxious on how to safeguard myself & my family’s health life. Sanitizing everything around us became the basis of hygiene & cleanliness in my life. To me education, work life & the nutritious food was as vital as the purifying the air we breathe. So, I was extremely happy to be a part of healthy home when we started in Kuwait after the big success it received in UAE & KSA.

Healthy Home is a company that provides healthy solutions, living and sustainable for your homes. It is specialized in sanitizing and cleaning the furniture, carpets, air conditioner besides other places that one won’t expect to have dust and cannot be seen by naked eye. I have also ensured that the components used are eco-friendly & free from alcohol and chemicals.

Studies have proved that having dusts in a place continually can cause allergies including respiratory ailments in addition to itchy eyes, morning fatigue. Trust me when I say that presence of the dust and the environmental quality of a house can directly affect the human behavior, his thinking process & eventually the overall wellbeing.

The greatest investment is your health….. So,

Mirzaam Expo

The biggest and the most organized platform in the interior design fraternity in Kuwait. I am proud to say its one of the most important & prestigious project that I have established in the last two years. An annual event where you get to see suppliers of furniture, kitchens, materials, finishes, lightings, gardens and everything you need in your interiors or while designing your house/project. Besides, I have also tried to gather the interior designers in a single place, which will help you to meet designers, consultants, contractors and exporters. Mirzaam also showcases live workshops and live shows to highlight the most important professions and Kuwaiti industries such as furniture and accessories, the glass and wood work, Mirzaam gallery like its unique name gathers all the fields in one place .. we are waiting for you in next Mirzaam gallery.